Head Trainer

Westin Sampson

Westin is the head trainer for Double Down Horse Ranch that is founded in Benjamin, Utah   Westin was raised with a passion for horses and continues to grow his knowledge and skill. Westin learned at a young age from his mother who grew up showing, riding and training show horses. That spark led him to start training horses for RMO Horses to help pay his way through college. There his good friend Mike Savio (Reining/Cowhorse Trainer) turned that little spark of training into a burning desire to become a professional trainer.  

The best way to learn is to practice, practice, practice, and surround yourself around the best.  You are only as good as the people you ride around and compete against. So thats exactly what Westin did.  He started taking in every style and breed of horse he could train.  Everything from Gaited horses, Arabians, Warmbloods, Driving Teams, Draft horses, Mules, Thoroughbreds, and through all these he found that his love was for the American Quarter Horse and how they handled themselves around cows.

He started working with different trainers and followed their styles and techniques, adding them to his program.  He worked with Mike constantly as well as Kim Wagnor(Reining/Cowhorse Trainer), Jason Romney (Reining/Cowhorse Trainer and USU Equine Coach), Shawn Tree (Cutting Horse Trainer), And spent a year riding full time with his Uncle Tim Denton(Cutting Horse Trainer) Luke Denton (Cutting Horse Trainer) and Kip Denton(Cutting Horse Trainer).  

He loves learning different styles of training and sees how they can fit in his program. Westin shows patience and continues to  perfected himself at making great all around using horse and would really enjoy working with you and your horse.  He has Trained some of the top performance horses in the industry, from barrel horses, to rope horses.  Though our main goal is producing competitive Cutting horses, which has became a reality.  Please contact us today for more information on Cutting Horse training, sales and service.



Todd Fisher

Todd has a love for horses that has developed ever since his childhood.  Through a tremendous work ethic and countless hours of studying he has become one of the top leading businessmen around.  He has had success in all aspects of business, Restaurants, Property, Drilling, and Telecommunications.  He has taken all that he has learned in the business world and applied it into the Double Down Horse Ranch.  He is very proud of ethical business behavior and will only allow the ranch to continue his reputation.  He is a great partner and huge asset to improving the horse industry through quality Breeding, Showing, and Training.