Double Down Ranch will always be completely honest with clients and buyers.  We will only send a horse home after it has had the amount of training that the client has paid for.  We will only sell horses for exactly what they are.  By following these two simple statements, we will provide a service with the upmost integrity.  Holding ourselves accountable for our actions we will show our competitive edge.  Our passion for developing top quality performance horses will drive our productivity and create an atmosphere that Double Down Ranch and our clients will always be grateful for.


Honesty:  Be honest in all things, especially in training and characteristics of the horse.

Integrity:  A man is only as good as his word, people are depending on us, do what you say you're going to do.

Be Grateful:  You are doing what you love, don't waste the opportunity.

Family:  Treat all clients and customers as if they are family, and don't let business ever come between family.

Competition:  Be competitive in all you do, this is what will give us the edge and push us to success.

Knowledge:  We don't know what we don't know.  Always be looking for ways to learn and gain more knowledge in your life.

Passion:  Let your love of horses and the pride of keeping the western heritage alive inside of your every decision.

Accountability:  No one is around to check up on you, hold yourself accountable each and every day.

Productivity:  We will have the highest productivity by holding ourselves accountable for accomplishing the goals we set.

God:  Always remember him by striving to make yourself better, and you can accomplish anything.

Communication: It is a top priority to make ourselves available to talk so the client has a clear understanding of goals and progress towards those goals while their horse is in training.