Being 2200 miles away in Florida  from a QH reiner gelding I was buying in Westin Sampson's barn in Utah, I was counting on Westin to tell me all about this horse accurately. He was professional and courteous,  answering my questions with phone calls and texts promptly. He cared for the horse before shipping,  did the necessary veterinary papers in time.  Most impressive of all, however, was his absolute honesty about the horse. I have bought and trained hundreds of horses, as a trick horse trainer over the years. I could not be happier with the horse and with Westin's spot-on judgement and handling of the whole transaction, for a horse I intend to train and perform with for many years to come. Many thanks to Westin for this nice horse. It could not have been handled any better!

Carole Fletcher
Reddick, FL


To Whom It May Concern:
My name is John Lewis and I would like to take a moment and explain why I feel Westin Sampson would be a wonderful choice to send your horse too.

We have a cattle ranch in Lehi, Utah.  We run 300 head of mother cows on the Oqhirrh Mountains.  Westin began working for us about three years ago.  It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with the approach that he has used with our string of horses.  

Westin is a true horseman.  He understands the need for patience and has a huge desire to become one with the horse.  He has been a great asset to us because of his desire to get out in front of a problem or potential challenge with our horses.   Westin has an uncanny ability to keep a small problem small while working with our horses and livestock. 

In addition to having cattle I have taken over the responsibility of riding for the Lehi Cattle Association.  Westin has become my first call, as I have needed great help while trying to manage this new assignment.  He is great with a young horse in the mountains and understands how to maximize the animals potential to accomplish the task of the day.  

I also participate as a pick up man working for stock contractors in Utah and California.  I have some older horses that are set in their ways.  Due to my respect for Westin I asked him to take my best horses and put sometime on them to help me overcome some of their bad habits.  I was amazed.  I could see and feel a magnificent difference in just a few rides.

As you can see Westin Sampson is very well rounded.  Whether it be a young colt in a round corral, gathering cattle off the mountain, dropping salt licks in the high country, or overcoming challenges with a mature horse. I wouldn’t want anyone else but Westin Sampson riding for me.  I am confident that you will be glad you made him one of your selections for your next colt, or performance horse.
Please feel free to call if you have any more questions.

John Lewis


I bought the little buckskin mare, Rowdys Rose aka Rosie, from WS and can’t be happier with a horse. She is a sweetheart and gives 110% every time asked. She is gentle, respectful and has a great work ethic, a real joy to ride because she is so responsive to light cues. I recommend these guys. We use our horses for everything from weekend local shows to hauling hunt camp to the top of the mountains and everything in between, this little mare took it all in stride, I credit that to the foundation training WS took the time to put on her.  Thank you guys for this great mare

— Kim Beckstead


Westin is great, he trained my horse this fall. He had compassion for me knowing how much I loved my horse and told me he would take her on and train her. She is a mustang and stubborn like one and not young but he stuck with her and she was a good little girl for me. When I got her home and had questions he was quick to text or call me back with suggestions. He has be great! Thank you Westin for the compassion you showed me and for taking the time with her. She is a sweet little girl once you get past the mustang in her.
— Colleen Price Davis
Great hand a a good person you can trust! I’d buy a horse from him any day
— Alise Holst
I brought Westin a 4-year old gelding who was untrained and spoiled. The horse Westin returned to me is quiet, willing, and still full of the personality I was initially drawn too. After riding him the first day home Dusty handled tarps blowing, dogs barking, and riding away from the other horses without issue. He is responsive to leg cues and the bit; I now have the horse I knew he could be! Thank you Westin! Our 2-year-old mare is now with Westin.. Can’t recommend him enough and look forward to seeing what he does with Tanq!
— Shelli Shroeder