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“Learn to forgive mistakes. Eventually, wrong things will fade into the background and good, new things will come forward. Its like playing music by ear. There are some good notes and some sorry ones. You try to get by the sorry notes to the good ones and build on them.”  - Ray Hunt 

Our specialized training programs vary and include areas such as problem solving, and advanced all-around training.  We also specialize in performance horse training for a particular sport or discipline such as cutting, barrels, roping, etc.  There is never a guarantee of a horse’s success, but we will exhaust every resource in helping you and your horse. In some cases, long term training may be necessary.  A 1-2 week training and assessment period may be required before accepting your horse into a full time training program. Please contact us and let's discuss your particular situation and create a plan of action that meets your needs.

Contact us today to discuss the best training program for your horse.